Kill The Kong

Experience a 110% discharge that you feel down your spine. With battery that gets the heart pumping, this is the band you want to see live.
This is Kill the Kong.
Energy can never disappear, only be converted.
After the fall of Seventribe, some of the members moved on with this beast of a project.
Kill The Kong came to life in June 2015. With solid-fuel enough to power a spaceship, the band immediately recorded an album. Off that self-titled album the song "Caged" was released as a debut single and music video, followed by a second single "Black Bones". After the two successful releases, Burning Heart Records took contact with the band, and proposed to release the song "Is This The End?" on their compilation "Burn All The Small Towns vol.3".
The band consists of seven members and with percussion and two vocalists they create a versatile sound that stand out from the masses.
Influenced by bands such as: Architects, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying, Stray From The Path and Underoath.
Kill The Kong is gaining ground everyday, where new fans and listeners come to join the new Kong-family. Follow a band that got the world before their feet, and tag along on a voyage of scale.

Kontakta oss för bokning!