LA Rush


LA Rush är förutom dj även producent/låtskrivare/musiker och har genom åren remixat låtar åt svenska och stora utländska artister. Släpper regelbundet nya remixer med nya artister.

Boka DJ LA Rush till din klubb, festival eller privata fest. Kan även bokas tillsammans med andra artister & event.

 2016 has been one of the most busy years, remixing singles for Da Buzz, Gothenburg Beats, We Are, Justin Timberlake, Sir Duke, Sanny X, Gareth Emery, Otto Knows, Avicii, Basic Element & Dr Alban.

Between 2011-2014 he focused on his own material togheter with Sannanda.

LA Rush (pronounced L.A. Rush) began his journey back in 1996, when the eager Swedish teenager got his hands on a tracker-music-program, like those used by such artists as 

Axwell and Deadmau5 at that time. One of his classmates suggested the name L.A. Rush, because during his time in school friends called him L.A, which are his initials.

Between 1999-2002 he started to study film and music-production which led him to work behind the camera of several big tv/film productions in Sweden, such as "Bingo Lotto", the comedy duo "Stefan & Krister" and the huge comedygroup "Galenskaparna".

In 2006 he did his first offical remix for the Swedish dj Richi M and released his second single "Come Back", which also became a smash-hit on several internet radiostations.