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In the summer of 1993, her whole family moved to Florida, U.S., where she got the opportunity to work eight years as a professional singer and entertainer. Later on she also collaborated with the group Basic Element in the recording of the track "Rage", which was released on their album "The Truth" in 2008. She also did a collaboration with Outfly (a.k.a. Dynamic) where she co-wrote and recorded the EuroTrance track "La Marche de la Lune", which was released by Warner Music Canada in 2003 and Robbin's Ent./BMG, U.S.A in 2004. The single became #1 on iTunes, U.S.A., Top 10 at Billboard in U.S.A, Top 30 in Canada and got Grammy nominated for BEST DANCE 2003 in Canada.
She has also recorded six dance re-makes for the ABSOLUTE HITMANIA compilation, which were released in Sweden between 2004-2005 by EVA Records (EMI).

Sannanda released her own pop/rock album "Believe In Something More" 2011, which includes the single "Have A Little Faith", released that same year. She also released another single "Forever Waiting" that same year which has a new and different feel to it.

Sannanda quoted:
I see myself as the voice that speaks many languages, with that I mean, as long as a song touches my soul I will communicate it, no matter what style it is. I think that is what makes music so universal. Don't wanna limit myself to only one style. Life is filled with so much emotion, and I have experienced such a wide variety of feelings, that only one style could never express all that this heart of mine has to tell.

In 2008 Sannanda started a collaboration with the producer and Dj LA Rush. In 2010 they released "Take Your Time", their first single together as a duo. Now they've released a total of eight singels and seven musicvideos, and their next single will be released very shortly.

This year Sannanda also became a new member and vocalist of the metalcore band The End Of Grace. They are releasing a new single..

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